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CNC Machining Services

We are ready to help you produce a high-quality product that meets your project’s exact specifications and deadlines.

Looking for a reliable, quick-turn supplier of machined plastic and metal components?

Our Custom CNC machining services

Our CNC machining services offer you precision fabrication of plastic and metal parts in any volume. We specialize in multi-axis milling, turning, EDM, surface grinding, laser engraving and much more.

Whatever you need prototypes or production parts, our machining services will be your best choice.

Why Choose Us for Custom CNC Machining?

No Minimum Requirement

You may order as small as 1pcs of part from us. We do not force you to buy what you do not need indeed to save your expenses.

Mindful TrFast and Reliably Delivery

Iterate part designs quickly and accelerate product development with quick-turn parts. Our automated design analysis will help spot any difficult to machine features before your design is sent to the manufacturing floor and save you from costly reworks further down the product development cycle.

Material Selection

We stock more than 20 engineering-grade plastic and metal materials that are suitable for various part applications and industries. Materials range from plastics like ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, and PEEK to aluminum, stainless steel, magnesium, and copper.

CNC Machining Processes

CNC Milling

CNC milling is a subtractive process that using 3-, 4-, & 5-axis milling machines with various of cutting tools to remove materials from solid plastic and metal blocks into final parts with different geometries as designed.

CNC Turning

CNC turning is a more efficient method to manufacture round shaped components from plastic and metal bars or tubes, such as shafts, worms. Combines with live tooling, milled geometries can be done in the meantime.

What is CNC Machining?

CNC (computer numerical controlled) machining is a widely used manufacturing process that uses automated, high-speed cutting tools to form designs from metal or plastic stock. Standard CNC machines include 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis milling machines, lathes, and routers. Machines may vary in how parts are cut—the workpiece may remain in place while the tool moves, the tool may remain in place while the workpiece is rotated and moved, or both the cutting tool and workpiece may move together.

Skilled machinists operate CNC machines by programming tool paths based on the geometry of the final part. The part geometry information is provided by a CAD (computer-aided design) model. CNC machines can cut almost any metal alloy and rigid plastic with high precision and repeatability, making CNC machined parts suitable for nearly every industry, including aerospace, medical, robotics, electronics, and industrial.

CNC Machining Quickfacts

Why choose CNC machining?

CNC machining is a fast, accurate and versatile solution for manufacturing production-quality parts in any quantity, without the need for investing in hard tooling or expensive set-ups.​

What raw materials can I use with CNC machining?

Finished CNC machined parts can be made from many types of easily available stock metals including mild and stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, magnesium and titanium. We can also machine rigid plastics.

What tolerances can I achieve with CNC machining?

We routinely produce parts to .05 microns, which is suitable for the majority of commercial and industrial applications. Closer tolerances are only advised for critical applications – they will require a longer lead time, and will increase processing costs.

One-stop CNC Solution

We have the capability to offer you a reliable One-Stop CNC machining service. Our CNC services offer rapid prototyping/end-use parts production in a wide range of materials, efficient for both time and cost.

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